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Does anyone know how to get rid of uveitis?

What's your idea on treating uveitis? How can i get rid of it?
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  • Aimee


    Well, so sorry to hear that because uveitis is one of the most complicated eye diseases. So, once got uveitis, you should be very careful of your eyes, try to keep a healthy diet and keep regular physical exercise, and keep a good mood. As to how to deal with it, you should try to apply warm compressor to your eyes,and try to figure out the reasons for uveitis. Maybe hormone therapy could be very effective in treating uveitis.Just consult a doctor ok?
  • Joanne McAlpine


    There are some ways to treat uveitis. Corticosteroid eye drops can help reducing uveitis and you should not stop using it until your doctor say that it is safe. If your eye becomes sensitive to light, you can wear a pair of sunglasses. Also, you can take warm compress to soothe eyes. In addition, taking aspirin or ibuprofen can relieve pain.
  • CeCe Bazel


    Once you get the uveitis, you will find a lot of symptoms for you. Your eyes may be afraid of the lights. Your eyes will be worse at the vision. In addition, you may have the symptom of the bloodshot. There may be many other body symptoms caused from the uveitis. You'd better take care of this symptom. If you want to get rid of it, there are many ways for you to take for reference. First of all, you could use the medical care like using the eye drops. You could use the cycloplegic which will cure the uveitis best. In addition, the glucocorticoids eye drops are also useful. Another worthy recommended medicine is the non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug which you could find the great value. Besides the above medicine, you should keep the good habit of using eyes, like sitting in front of the computers. You should take notice of your diet which should be contained a lot of food with vitamin C to moisture your eyes.

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