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Jordyn carter


I have perfect vision, is it ok to wear reading glasses for fashion purposes?

i have a pair of a. j. morgan reading glasses, they are a bit magnified, is it ok to wear them occasionally just for fashion purposes? buying other glasses is out of the question, if not, where can i get them exchanged and glass lenses put in? how much would that cost? will wearing the reading glasses ruin my eyes if i only wear them occasionally?
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  • Shureluck


    You'd better not wearing the reading glasses since they are a bit magnified. Or you will likely feel headaches or eye aches. If you want to use eyeglasses to make you look fashion, you can buy some fashion glasses with plano lenses(non prescription lenses). If you really like the design of a. j. morgan reading glasses, you can buy one with the same look. Or you shall take your a. j. morgan reading glasses to fill plano lenses instead in a glasses shop. In fact, you can just take off the lenses and wearing glasses frames only for good looks.
  • Jonathan


    This is bad for your eyes. I won't suggest you to wear a pair of reading glasses for fashion since you don't have presbyopia. Wearing a stronger prescription or weaker prescription will do harm to our eyes. Since you have perfect vision, there is no need to wear any prescription glasses. I suggest you to buy a frame for fashion. They will be much cheaper. If you order them online, you can save a lot of money. I am pretty sure that you can afford them.
  • Joanne McAlpine


    Sweetie, you don't need to wear glasses because you have perfect vision. Any prescription glasses will do great harm to your eyes. They will blur your vision. Sometimes they may cause further inconvenience to you. If you want to be cool, you can just wear a frame or buy a pair of Plano sunglasses. If you don't have enough money, you may need to save money and buy a pair of sunglasses with good quality the next year. Hope this helped!
  • green


    Eyeglasses sold by Firmoo are very cheap. You can buy a pair of plain glasses for fashion. The lenses won't do great damage to your eyes. If you still can't afford them. I suggest you to have a look and find some discount products on the website. Or you can get a pair of free glasses when there are some activities hold here.