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What are dangers of wearing contact lenses for too long?

I have been wearing contact lenses for several years. Is it too long? What are risks of wearing contacts for too long? Your answers will be appreciated.
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  • eduardoroxmisox


    It is surely dangerous for you to wear the contact lenses for too long. Usually we only would wear it within 8 hours. The eyes are the windows of your spirits. Why don't you care it to make your life happy with clear visual world? The results of long time wearing will damage your eyes, e.g.1.Deduce of the eye immunity. No air contact will make your eyes lack of oxygen and abnormal metabolism; 2.Eyes fatigue with dry eyes, the itching and foreign body sensation, blurred vision will be the consequences of fatigue.3.Allergy of eyeball. The protein, lipid, collagen etc. will deposits on the surface of lenses, infection which arouse by virus will lead your eyes allergy. 4. The cornea abrasion, which will lead to keratohelcosis that will damage the vision. 5. Cornea nervus paralysis till keratitis ulcerative. 6. Cornea aging speed accelerating for several times than normal, it will lead you impossible to have eyes surgery when you old. 7. The description will get strong every after, the eyeball will swollen out to affect your beauty appearance.
  • handril


    Although contact lenses which can replace the spectacles' function have gained huge popularity nowadays, it has to be admitted that wearing contact lenses for several years even longer would bring you some bad effects. To begin with, the most common problems associated with contact lenses are too little oxygen between your cornea and the rest of the world which may give rise to a condition known as hypoxia. What's worse, due to the corneal hypoxia which is able to change the rate of metabolism in the epithelium, glycogen may undergo a decrease tendency, making the cornea more sensitive and prone to adhesion and refractive error changes. In addition, wearing contact lenses for a long may cause bacterial infections and corneal ulcers because for the adhesive cornea which can increase the chances of any buildup on the cornea itself. Anyway, just give your eyes more opportunities to get fresh air and suck it up and wear common glasses, which is definitely beneficial to your eyes.
  • andrew


    Contact lenses are made for daily use. But longtime wearing of contact lenses or cosmetic ones can pose a hassle and do some damage to contact lenses wearers. Serious implications include: your eyes’ immunity greatly decrease and are susceptible to various bacterial. Longtime wearing can also bring about eye fatigue or dry eye syndrome, badly affecting your vision image and exacerbating your myopia. Some allergies are also prone to occurring. If you want to spare all these evil consequences from wearing contact lenses for too long, the best idea is to cut your reliance on contact lenses and beginning to use prescription glasses.
  • Olivia Johnson


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