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Is it ok to wear contacts with a stye?

I have got a stye. Will it be OK if i wear contact lenses since i have a poor vision?
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  • commentsforme


    Usually, the stye is caused by poor eyelid hygiene, carelessness while removing makeup etc. If you have a stye, you must keep your eyes careful about hygiene. So, contact lenses are not recommend to wear until the sty is treated and disappear. Besides, you shall also avoid to makeup your eyes when you got a stye if you want to keep your eyes health.
  • Brittany


    No, you should not do that. The stye is a small bump that usually appears on the outside or inside of the eyelid. Though it's harmless, it would grow bigger and impinge on the cornea. You would touch your cornea when inserting your contact lenses that is easy to touch the stye as well. The contact lenses would be polluted by bacteria of the stye. Therefore, it's easy to make eye infection through this way.
  • Dip


    Taking the several disadvantages of eyeglasses into consideration, the design of contact lenses may make them up. Not wearing the big frame eyeglasses, the contact lenses may let you be convenient to do things. In addition, the contact lenses have the function of making your eyes look bigger and watery. At the same time, you can look clear. Now the color contact lenses may make you look charming and beautiful. Thus, it is OK to wear contacts with a style.

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