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May Yong


Where to buy full white contact lenses? are they safe to wear?

I am looking for white contact lenses. I just need it in my drama. Where can i find such contact lenses? Will i be safe if i wear it for a while?
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  • Faith


    Usually in the halloween, people will dress themselves in different styles. Some will wear the white contact lenses which belong to one kind of colored contact lenses. You could buy from any eyeglasses store.Or you could buy from the online store like walmart. If you keep the good habit of hygiene, it is safe for you to wear.
  • Benjamin gary


    It is a little difficult to buy full white contact lenses. In fact, you can try to order it from online shop. I just search it and find some sites which provide white contact lenses. Here are their link: Hope you can find the one that you expected.