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Are there contact lenses you can swim in?

I wonder if there are contact lenses that can be wear in swim? If so, What type of contact lenses are they? Where can i find it?
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  • jill


    In my own opinion, you should not the contact lenses when you are swimming. It is so dangerous for your eyes to get infection in the water of the swimming pool because of the inner bacterium. In addition, you'd better wear the swimming goggles. If you are short sighted, there will be the swimming goggles with prescription that you can choose.
  • Jonathan


    Well, it seems that you want to wear contacts while swimming right? Sounds right indeed, however, the truth is that you must not swimming with contacts, because if you risk doing this, you will face consequences such as that they will drop out of your eyes, and your eyes will get infected. Also, it would give your eyes uncomfortable feelings from time to time. Based on all tese facts, I strongly recommend that you don't do this, but, if you wear goggles and contacts in the same time, you should be ok.
  • Tyler


    Frankly speaking, there is no any contact lenses suitable for swimming. Because of contact lenses are not designed to get wet. Otherwise, they are porous and can pick up chemicals and bacteria from swimming pool and sea water to enter the lenses and irritate the eyes. Another problem with swimming in contact lenses is inconvenience. Due to they can move, fall out and be aware of not to get them wet. It would make you feel anxiety and lost fun when swimming.