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Where are rudy project sunglasses made?

Do you know where are rudy project sunglasses made? Do they look good? Will such sunglasses match people with Asian facial features?
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  • Samuel hill


    Talking about the rudy project sunglasses, they are founded by Rudy Barbazza in 1985. They are manufactured with Quick Change Technology with interchangeable lenses which allow you to change out your lenses quickly to adapt to any sort of light condition. They are great. About the appearance, they will be matched with Asian facial features to make the Asians look cool and good.
  • Robert


    Well, it is good for you to appreciate such kind of sunglasses, and indeed, they are especially designed for sports utility. Actually, it is an Italian brand, in order to reduce costs, typically, their sunglasses are made in Italy. I mean, the sunglasses are good for athlets, and they are great for outdoor activities. As you whether their sunglasses will suit your facial structue or not, I mean, you don't have to worry about that, since there are lots of types available to choose from, you might as well try them on until you get what you care for.
  • Calvin


    The inventor of Rudy Project Sunglasses, Rudy Barbazza is Italian and Rudy Project become one of the most fashionable brand in Italy. I believe the sunglasses look quite cool otherwise it won’t enjoy such a good reputation since 1985. Nowadays, processing and material of the sunglasses is changed but it structure is still stay cool. It is hard to say that Rudy Project match which kind of facial features. But it can be the most facial feature friendly sunglasses. Glasses legs and nose chips of Rudy Project are designed to be adjustable, so that the wearer to regulate the structure of the sunglasses to make it perfect for your face. In that sense, the sunglasses fit all the facial features including Asian style.

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