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Is it normal for my eyes to change color?

My eyes have changed its color from hazel-green, to brown, hazel-green, to brown. It just changes the color slight as time goes by. And i have no vision problems or eye disorders. So, why? Is that normal for me?
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  • chopperkriss


    It might be normal. Personally, your eyes may be affected by genes. Your eyes color may also change with the sunlight and seven your mood. I have a similar situation. I find my eyes are dark blue indoor. But when i stay in sun, the color of my eyes becomes brighter. So, don't worry if you find slight change of your eye color.
  • Alexandra


    I do not think it is normal. The color of eyes has been formed since in the period of childhood, and basically keeps the same in the whole life. However, a small percentage of adults' eye color can change darker or lighter with the markedly growth of age. You need go to hospital to check if you have the eye disease like glaucoma. Or have your eye been hurt by any accident, that would cause color eye, mainly for binocular color difference. And genetic may be another reason to change the color of your eyes.
  • evilrain


    Yes, it's normal for your eyes to change color. First, you should know that it's really not so much that the color is actually changing. The color of your eyes may appearance different with the color of your clothing, and your surroundings. And even the color of the sky will reflect and affect the perception of their color. This phenomenon is most noticeable in people with blue eyes. According to the eye doctor, people who have blue eyes are more reflective, because of the lower level of pigmentation in their eyes. So you can just pay more attention to see this, maybe you will discover it.
  • baker


    In my own opinion, you should take notice of it. Although the genetic saying can explain this to be normal, the color of our eyes is basically fixed at our early age. And now your eyes are often changed in color. If you once have had the accident, the binocular eye color can explain this. However, you'd better go to see the doctor and have a clear check.