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Will people with lazy eyes see differently?

I know there are some people with lazy eyes. Will they see thing differently from people with perfect vision? Or will they have wider or narrower fields of vision depending on which ways their eyes go?
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  • Carlos rodney


    Most people think that people having lazy eyes maybe see differently from others. In fact, they see exactly the same as us in light. The only difference is that they can't see as well as people without lazy eyes in dark areas. So, they may need help from special eyeglasses to help them. With proper using of eyeglasses, they still get clear vision in their daily life.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    For some people with serious lazy eyes may see things different from those people with normal vision. Lazy eyes mean that you will not see things clearly without the special glasses to adjust. Especially for those things in the far distance, people with lazy eyes may see quite different from those with normal vision.

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