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What color of contact lenses is good for a guy?

I am looking for proper colored contact lenses for men that can make me attracting. I have blue eyes. So, what color of contact lenses will look good on me?
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  • comingoutloud


    I think if you don't wear contact lenses, your eyes will also look good because the blue eyes always attractive. If you insist on trying other attractive colors, I think the chocolate color of contact lenses will make you look catching. The chocolate color always conveys the romantic flavour. Hope this suggestion be helpful to you.
  • smith


    Everyone's favourite color is not the same, because different colors give people different feelings. Some people like blue eyes, some people think that Brown is very charming, and some are prefer black. So it does not exist an eye color can be said absolutely charming. I think if you want to have charming effect, the key is what kind of person you want to become. For example, Paul Newman have blue eyes, and Jared Leto's eye color is brown, Johnny Depp is almost black. They have different colors, each have unique characteristic. Newman seemed beautiful, Leto is resolute, and Depp looks very deep. But they are all very charming. However, I think maintaining the character is the best, because you are not the Oriental whose eye color is just a kind and no matter what color they wear, everyone knows the true color of his eyes. If you put on the other color glasses, and one day, you take off your glasses, the person around your or the friends you make new must be very surprised, also will not be suitable for the change. Moreover, blue eyes are very beautiful and special, and it need not other decoration.
  • Dixie Mentry


    For the natural contact lenses style, the boys can choose chocolate, brown and black colors. If your skin color is not white enough, you can not wear the light-colored contact lenses, black and gray are more suitable for you. If you want to look more natural, you can choose brown contact lenses. As I know, many people think that the boys wear brown contact lenses is cool. The black contact lenses can make your eyes blacker and darker. Boys also can choose to wear colorful contact lens as long as it looks good on you. The color of the contact lenses should be in accordance to their dress, skin color and other external factors. No matter what color of the contact lenses, be sure to purchase it in the standard optical shop or glasses net.