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Isabelle garcia


How to tell the difference between my old contact lenses and my new ones?

I mixed my new contact lenses into my old contact lenses. I don't know which one are my new contacts. Can you tell me how to tell the differences between old contacts and new contacts? Suggestion?
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  • Robert ja


    I just can't understand how you mixed your old contact lenses into new contact lenses. I usually throw away the old lenses when i begin to wear new contact lenses. Maybe you need careful obverse your "mixed lenses". Personally, i believe the old contact lenses will not look so clear as new contact lenses do. Maybe the differences is imperceptible, you must obverse it carefully. Or to be safe, just throw them away and buy another new contact lenses.
  • Alexander


    New contact lenses have good elasticity, high transparency, and there is no impurity in the mirror. (Even with impurity, use eye drops to impact it and it will go) ,but old contacts' attachments is hard to be rushed out. On the other hand, new contact lenses will make you feel more comfortable and won't cough up from eyes. At the same time, the old contact lenses are hard and the surface usually has some attachments.
  • candylips167


    You can compare their luster at first, the new ones should be more light. Or you can put up to have a try, the new may be more uncomfortable. Or you can look at the surface of the lenses, if the above protein precipitation is more, the lens seems there are many little dust, which shows it has been used for a long time. If you can't tell, you can take them to the glasses shop to clean them, after cleaning, the old lens have slight white dot things, the news are rare. Hope this information can help you.

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