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Why do i have under eye wrinkles?

I hate to have eye wrinkles,and I wish to know what causes that.
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  • Patricia


    There are many causes that can cause eye wrinkles under the eyes such as aging, gene, and unhealthy life style etc. And the wrinkles around the eyes also called "smile lines". They can make people look older than their actually age. To reduce the eye wrinkles, it depend on the causes of your eye wrinkles. But commonly, you can apply eye scream or anti wrinkle cream to help you.
  • Joseph campbell


    Actually this is a matter of ur blood circulation around ur eyes.U should know that when ur blood circulation around ur eyes doesn't go well,ur skin around ur eyes can shrink very soon.Certainly we also can't exclude some other reasons such as a lack of water and ur smiling or crying a lot.U know, when we smile or cry,there usually will be a lot of lines gathering under ur eyes.But don't worry too much.If u take some measures now,there r still some methods that can help u remove this.U can try some cucumber slices.I mean,apply them to ur eyes instead of eating them,lol.But I have to remind u that this is a long process and if u want to see effects right away.Then u might as well go to the counter to pick some good and effective eye cream.

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