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What are complications after a vitrectomy?

Is vitrectomy dangerous?What r the complications?
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  • Kevin lee


    First of all,u need to relax and not to be that nervous,okay?What I am going to tell u is what u really need to know but it doens't mean that they will happen 100%.Okay,it is said that sometimes vitrectomy will not get ur vision improved and on the contrary,it can even get u to go blind if u r unlucky.Although most of surgeries of this disease r very successful,we still can't exclude some side results.I think u need to make sure that u have already made full preparations before u take that surgery.
  • Faith cook


    In common, patient required overnight hospital stay after the vitrectomy surgery. And it is normal to some patient with surgery may experience some complications inducing pain in the eyes, decreasing vision, swelling around the eyes or discharge from the eyes. Besides, some patient will have a red eyes. Still, eye floaters, flashes of light may also happen to patient who took the vitrectomy surgery.

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