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James green


What to expect after vitrectomy surgery?

What should I pay attention to after my vitrectomy surgery?
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  • Catherine williams


    Vitrectomy surgery is usually apply to people suffered from retinal detachment, macular hole, or macular pucker etc. After the surgery, patient may suffered from swelling and bruising around the eyes. To help recover from the surgery quickly, you shall be very careful when you take bath and sleep. When you take bath, you shall avoid some soap, shampoo and other bathroom necessities to your eyes. And when you sleep, you'd better sleep face down.
  • christy9589


    Dear friend, you can't take showers after vitrectomy surgery. Actually not only for vitrectomy surgery but also other surgeries will not allow patients to take a shower because the shampoo or the bacteria in the water will possibly lead to an eye infection. And you also need to put a pair of sunglasses in your pocket when you go out to protect your eyes especially in a sunny day for the harsh light and UV rays from the sun will damage your eyes.

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