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Kelly eddy


What to expect after macular pucker surgery?

What should I expect after macular pucker surgery?Any ideas?
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  • chrissyonline


    Macular pucker is also known as an epiretinal membrane. It can be caused by aging, previous trauma, retinal detachment and even diabetes etc. And the surgery for macular pucker is aim to peels the epiretinal membrane from the macula. And after the surgery, you shall take care of your eyes and avoid get water into your eyes. Besides, you shall face-down sleep so as to help you heal from the surgery. And you are not suggested to watching TV or computer screen etc.
  • Brandon evelyn


    In terms of this question,I can't tell u the exact results because this just depends.However,the investigation has showed that about 85% of people get improved in their eyesight.I think this is a good result.Of course,on the other hand,it also means other 15% of people fail this surgery who may get their vision not improved or even worse.And sometimes after this surgery u need to be prepared that there may be some lasting side effects to ur health.Anyway,take care

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