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Why is my eye socket twitching?

What causes my eye socket to go twitching?
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  • Jen.C


    Eye socket twitching is just a type of involuntary eye twitching. And the eye twitching is a repetitive, uncontrollable blinking or spasm of the eyelids. And there are many factors that can involuntary eye twitching. The most common reasons is fatigue, stress and too much caffeine consumption. Besides, eye twitching can also be a sign of some eye problems such as inflammation, dry eyes, pink eyes or even light sensitivity. Also, imbalanced nutrition can also cause eye twitching.
  • James


    Personally I think this has something to do with ur job.As I know,nowadays a lot of people who work or study in front of the computers and with time going on,their eyes r more likely to get eye strain than people who can free to do exercise when working.U should know that eye twitching is also a symptom of eye strain.Everything will be fine if u take good care of ur eyes.