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Ghassan S.


Is it normal to have lines under my eyes?

I am just wondering if it is normal to have lines under my eyes.Does anyone know about this?
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  • b3autifulxlies


    Do you mean fine lines or wrinkles under your eyes? If so, it is normal especially when we getting older. And there are many factors that contribute to such lines under the eyes. But the most common causes of lines under the eyes is aging. It is a natural processes that we can't avoid it. Besides, unhealthy life can also cause lines under the eyes. For example, sleep insufficiency and imbalanced nutrition is the mainly factors that contribute to lines under the eyes.
  • David


    Take in enough vitamin d and this can be improved greatly,trust me.The lines under ur eyes r usually caused by ur skin cell and this is what u need to pay attention to.Sometimes I don't care about this a lot because I think they r just a symptom of water retention.If this is the main reason of ur lines under ur eyes,then U should also watch out dark circles.I am not scaring u,just feel like reminding u.By the way,do u have enough sleep every day?U should know that a lack of sleep can also cause this.That is why we r always told to go to bed early,lol.