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What are the benefits of wearing rimless reading glasses?

I find some rimless reading glasses in the optical store. What are the benefits of wearing rimless reading glasses?
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  • Gillian


    Rimless reading glasses are lightweight, thus they can hardly cause headaches to those people who are sensitive to the pressure from reading glasses on their nose and ears. Rimless reading glasses will provide wider vision field for people who are reading a book or magazine due to their frameless design. Besides, these frameless reading glasses have nose pads which can be adjusted to fit people exactly so that they cannot keep slipping down the nose.
  • steven


    Rimless reading glasses is just a type of eyeglasses made of rimless glasses frames. Compared the same designed and material based glasses frames, rimless reading glasses could be lighter and less sensitive to pressure on your nose and ears. For people with narrow bridges or sensitive skin but need reading glasses, rimless glasses frames are the best choices for getting comfortable wearing.

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