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What Are Invisible Bifocal Sunglasses?

What Are Invisible Bifocal Sunglasses? What are they used for?
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  • Adam


    The invisible bifocal sunglasses are also called no-line bifocal sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses have no obvious line between the prescription part for distance vision and the prescription part for close vision. They are suitable for people who have problem with both distant vision and near vision and they also need to see outdoors. Therefore the invisible bifocal sunglasses can provide them with clear vision as well as eye protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Dylan fergus


    Invisible sunglasses, also called no line bifocal sunglasses. Theses sunglasses are made of no line bifocal lenses. As it stated in the name, there is no visible line on the lenses. Sunglasses with invisible bifocals lenses can help people see near and far at one pair of sunglasses, as well as protect the eyes from UV rays. It is required detail current prescription when you buy those sunglasses for the sake of provide you proper sunglasses.

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