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Minaxi Patel


What are the features of Cat Eye glasses?

i am trying to find out the features of cat eye glasses, anybody know?
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  • April


    Cat eye glasses frames have a similar shape of feline's slanted eyes, that is why they are called cat eye glasses. They have the unique curved line in the front frame, thus the two corners of the frame make them distinguished from any other glasses. Cat eye glasses always emphasize the changing of the lines, which make them different in style and they are always eye-catching. They will never faded away in women's mind and most women enjoy wearing cat eye glasses most.
  • copelynrose


    cat eye glasses is just a type of eyeglasses. They are not new and fresh style. They first time become popular was in 1950s when audrey hepburn wear it. From then on, many celebrities adore the eyeglasses style. Till now, cat eye glasses still popular for fashion icons. Compared with regular glasses frames, cat eye glasses frames have high and tall frames on the corner of the front frames. With it, they can create an mysterious temperament for wearers.

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