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What sunglasses are good for cycling in the rain?

I need a pair of cycling sunglasses that still work good in the rain and don't mess up my vision. Any suggestion?
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  • b3miine_x3


    cycling sunglasses that are good for cycling in the rain should be wrap frames. The wrap frame cycling sunglasses that are specially designed for cycling can cover large part of the eye area without blocking the peripheral vision, thus they can prevent the rain getting into the eyes and provide clear vision as well. Make sure they can fit your face closely, or they will fog up easily. What's more, cycling sunglasses with yellow or orange tinted color are good for gray, cloudy and rainy days.
  • giles


    When you ride bike in the rain, you need cycling sunglasses that can keep you always clear vision. This is very vital to you to keep safe cycling in rain. Cycling sunglasses shall also have wrap frames that offer more coverage for your eye area to keep them away from rain. Besides, yellow or orange colored lenses are recommended for cycling sunglasses to help you see clear. Besides, the lenses should be made to repel water.

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