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Jackson raphael


Can I wear glasses when paintballing?

I am going paintballing for the first time this weekend. Can I wear my glasses as i am a little nearsighted?
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  • Jocelyn griffin


    Yes, If you want to get vision aids and eye protection when you play paintballing, you can buy shot sunglasses that are made for people when playing some shooting games. They can be made with prescription lenses. With a pair of prescription shooting sunglasses, it will help you focus the target more accurate so as to performance well. Besides, wearing proper shooting also protect your eyes when you engage in games.
  • everybody_cares


    As you are nearsighted, I suggest you wear prescription glasses so that you can have clear vision because paintball requires a level of accuracy. If you don't wear glasses, you can't see clearly, which might be dangerous to you. Most people wear paintball helmets or masks while paintballing and these helmets have plenty of interior space for people to wear a pair of prescription eyeglasses. I think the best way is to wear safety goggles which can protect your eyes from being hurted.