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Do your eyes hurt when you have glaucoma?

My eyes keep hurting for a few days already. I doubt that I may get glaucoma. Is my guessing possible? Is glaucoma easy to cure?
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  • Sally


    Over-fatigue, lack of sleep, frequent fluctuation of emotions, diet disorders can easily cause sharp increase of eye pressure, which finally leads to glaucoma. If the glaucoma is caused by anxiety and pressure, you can be injected with vitamin B under the instruction of the doctor, which is very effective. If it is open angle glaucoma, then you can take a laser therapy to get rid of the glaucoma. But if it is narrow-angle glaucoma or acute glaucoma, a further operation needs to be taken. In your daily life, you should take in more vitamin E, C and B. Because vitamin E can effectively help remove the small particles in the crystalline lenses, and vitamin C can greatly decrease the eye pressure.
  • candylips167


    Your eyes do not hurt when you have glaucoma. When you get glaucoma, the optic nerve in your eyes is damaged and this condition continues to deteriorate over time. Usually, it is related to the formation of pressure in eyes. Glaucoma is congenital but shows up in later life. To some extent, glaucoma is a severe condition. If left untreated, glaucoma will lead to permanent loss of vision within several years. As for the pressure inside the eyes, it is the main cause of glaucoma and results from the abnormal fluid circulation in the front part of eyes. Chemical injury to eyes, severe eye infection, blockage of eye blood vessels and inflammatory condition are the possible causes of glaucoma. Since glaucoma has no early signs, you should see your doctor on regular basis so as to get timely treatment to avoid vision loss.

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