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What is good for itchy eyes?

What if I have got itchy eyes for days? Any good and healthy solutions to relieve this? I wish I could solve this at home.
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  • walkingalone089


    First of all, you had better go to the doctor's to have your eyes examined to see whether you have got conjunctivitis or not. You should pay attention to your personal eye hygiene and frequently wash your eyes. If there are some secretion coming out of your eyes, you can use clean facial tissue to wipe them clean. You can also use physiological solution or 3% boric acid solution to wash your eyes three time every day so as to keep your eyes in a clean state. Itchy eyes can be caused by overuse of the eyes and dry eyes. Therefore, you should not use your eyes continuously for several hours without any rest. Have a break every hour and look at distant objects and do some eye exercises. Use some eye drops to moisten your eyes and get rid of the fatigue. Eat more vegetables and fruits as well as eggs, dairy products, and co-liver oil. Do not smoke or drink, nor eat irritate foods.
  • emptypayphone


    If your eyes are itchy, the first thing you should do is to have a rest by shortening the time of activities that cause eyestrain, for eyestrain is the main cause of eye itchiness. If you have the habit of rubbing your eyes, just quit it. Cold compresses can be applied to relieve the irritation, redness and swelling. Cold cucumber slices, chamomile tea bags, cotton balls soaked in cold water or a piece of wet cloth wrapped around a ice bag can be used as cold compresses. You can put the compresses over your eyes for at least 15 minutes while you are lying down for a rest. Washing eyes with wash solution is also helpful. You can make the solution by boiling a cup of distilled water with a teaspoon of salt and then put it in the refrigerator to cool it down. The wash solution should be thrown after two days of use. Besides, you should keep your all articles of everyday use clean.