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What in carrots is good for your eyes?

I have known that carrots can be good for eyes since I was a little girl. I am wondering what contains in carrots that can be so helpful to eyes.
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    Well, carrot has abundant vitamin A which is good for our eyes. If people is short of vitamin A, the adaptive capacity to dark environment will decrease. In some severe cases, people may develop nyctalopia. What's more, vitamin A can prevent dry eyes and eliminate fatigue of eyes.
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    Carrots contain a large amount of vitamin A, which is good for our eyes. It is known that our eyes have two types of photoreceptor, one is rods, which is used for peripheral vision; the other is cones, which is used for central vision. These photoreceptors contain rhodopsin, which can sense the light. Rhodopsin consists of 11-cisretinae and oposin, of which the former is the derivative of vitamin A. When vitamin A is deficient, the synthesis of rhodopsin is not enough, which leads to the night blindness. Lack of vitamin A can damage ocular nerves and in serious case, symptoms such as atrophy of lacrimal grand, decreasing secretion of tears develop. As a result, dry eyes, nubecula, corneal edema are likely to develop. Even it can lead to blindness in serious case. Therefore, eat more foods rich of vitamin A, such as carrots, potatoes and green vegetables.

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