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Can i wear bifocal contact lenses?

I need reading glasses, but I don't need eyewear to see far away. Am I a candidate for bifocal contact lenses?
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  • Cassidy campbell


    Yes, you can. Bifocal lenses are made to help people who have difficult to see both far and near. Usually, they are applied to people with presbyopia. Even if you just suffers presbyopia and need reading glasses, you can wear bifocal contact lenses for reading zone. Many people think that they are more convenient and attractive than bifocal eyeglasses or reading glasses.
  • Jade


    People can wear contact lenses even if they need bifocals. Both bifocal eyeglasses and bifocal contact lenses are quite helpful for people who have more than one more vision problem. If you do not want bifocal eyewear, you can choose contacts. Bifocal contact lenses have the same function as bifocal glasses to offer wearers clear clarity up close and at a distance. However, you are more likely to have contact lenses problems such as eye infections if you wear contacts. If you insist to wear contact, you had better use the correct way to put in your contacts, clean them and store them. Good luck and take care of your eyes.
  • John eddy


    You had better not take the bifocal contact lens. It's useful for elder people who are elder than 40 years old with both myopia and presbyopia. The bifocal contact lens has an obvious split line in the middle of the lens, which divide the lens into two parts that are nearby and far away parts. If you only have myopia or presbyopia, you had better select the specialized contact lens to treat the myopia or deal with presbyopia.
  • Zachary


    Yes, I think you can wear bifocal contact lenses. All bifocal contact lenses are designed to help people who have a disease that is known as presbyopia. As you have described your question, I think it's just your case. Many people like you often have to hold reading material or other reading material closer to the eyes in order to make out the words. Presbyopia is farsightedness resulting from a reduced ability to focus caused by loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens with age and requires those who have to wear bifocal contact lenses.