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When choosing your new eye glasses frames do you go for Designer frames or not?

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  • 04/12/2012

    I will go for what I think looks best on me.I won’t care which is "designer frames," or not.The most important is I choose I like.
  • b3st_deceptions


    I often buy a pair of glasses in a nearby eyeglasses store. I do not care about whether my glasses are designer frames or not. I think they are good glasses as long as they can correct my vision problems and flatter my face shape. But if you have enough money and want to buy a pair of designer frame, you can get that too.
  • John clark


    If I have enough money at that time, I will choose a pair of designer frame. But if I am short of money at that time, any kind of eyeglasses will be OK as long as they can provide with clear vision. Of course designer glasses are more beautiful and expensive because they have taken more work to be done, but they are also glasses. The function of a pair of glasses is to correct our vision problems. Besides, they will be better if they can flatter our looking.
  • cowboyfrom666


    I often choose the style and the color of the frames other than a pair of designer frames. I like blue and white glasses. I don't care too much about whether they are a pair of glasses sold online or in physical shops. I just buy what I like and the one that fit my face shape well. But I also like some kind of designer frames because there are styles and color that I like. In my opinion, choose what I like is the most important thing.
  • colourmevintage


    I like designer frames. I begin to like their simplicity gradually. And the full framed glasses can fit my face shape well. I have bought two pair of designer frames. I have scheduled an eye exam recently. I want to buy a pair of new designer frame after I get a new prescription.