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What is better reading glasses or contact lenses?

Is it possible to get contact lenses for reading and get a different color too or do they have to be the same color as ur eyes?? or would reading glasses be better?
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  • 04/12/2012

    It depends on your preference.Some people prefer reading glasses,some people like contact lenses better.Personally,I like reading glasses better because it’s very convenient to put them on or take them off and my eyes won’t get infected.
  • 04/14/2012

    yes,I believe thare are differences between clear and colored contacts examinations .the doctor need to check related parameters of your eyes to choose the proper kind of colored contacts that suits you . It is responsible for your eyes in case it can cause any discomfort .
  • Kaylee


    Contact lenses can be used for reading. And different colored contact lenses are available in market and online shop. Speaking of reading glasses and contact lenses. Personally, I prefer to reading glasses. Using contact lenses, we have to put the lenses into out eyes that will cause a hurt to cornea. Reading glasses, however, haven't such problems. Besides, wearing reading glasses are much more convenient than wearing contact lenses.
  • cap081291


    I think you'd better buy a pair of reading glasses because you can take off them if you don't need them for reading for viewing things at a near distance. There are colored contacts. They are blue, green, brown, grey and so on. And there are transparent contacts too. If you want to change the color of your eyes, you can choose the colored contacts.
  • Jose joyce


    You can get contact lenses for reading but I think that is not very convenient for you. Usually older people need a pair of reading glasses. And they only put on the glasses only when they need them. So if you wear a pair of reading contacts, how can you see things in the distance clearly if you need to view the things in the distance?

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