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Does a regular eye exam show that my eyes are in good health from wearing contact lenses?

i had a regular eye exam, but ordered contact lenses from a different store. The store said nothing about my prescription expiring, but it has already been a year. Would it be okay if I continue wearing contact lenses if my doctor said my eyes were in good health based on the REGULAR eye exam?
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  • Angela tuener


    From your description, it seems your eye prescription has changed(that means the contacts not suit for your current eye prescription). But that not means your eyes are in good health. So, you shall take a detail exam and buy new contacts or eyeglasses instead. Besides, the said nothing about your prescription expiring that may also means your contacts are overdue. So, you need buy new contacts.
  • walfor


    If your eye doctor said that your eyes are in good health, which may mean that you don't have any potential eye disease. But I think this do not mean your eyesight are the same as 1 years ago. So you'd better schedule another eye exam that can give you a prescription so that you can buy a pair of contacts according to your new prescription.
  • Elijah leslie


    Usually we should have our eyes check every year to see whether our eyesight decrease or not. And before buying a pair of new glasses or contacts we'd better make sure that the prescription is fit for vision correction. So I think you need to have a new prescription right now though doctor said that your eyes are healthy.
  • chriso1984


    Well I think you needn't have another prescription if you don't have blurred vision with your old glasses or contacts. Some people often protect their eyes in daily lives so that their eyesight will not decrease as we usually suffer from. So their prescription may last for at least 2-3 years.
  • Katelyn


    I strongly suggest you to have an eye exam again. Some people want to get some free eye exams but I would like to tell you that usually they are just a regular eye exam. There are some free eye exams on internet. But some eye doctors refuse to give free eye exams though the name of their stores is on the list of free eye exams. It is a common phenomenon. It is said that it is result from the mistake of search engine and the programmer are trying hard to solve this problem. So don't trust any free eye exam online. before visiting the doctor you'd better call the doctor to make sure that whether they can provide with free eye exams or not. Hope this helped!

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