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Do women wear contact lenses rather than wearing glasses because of fashion ?

I see many women and young girls like to wear contact lenses, why?
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  • 04/12/2012

    Some women prefer wearing contacts because they want to show their beautiful eyes and it’s easier to dress up.While other women like wearing glasses maybe because their eyes may get infected while wearing contacts,or maybe because they like stylish glasses.So it depends.
  • enycelilmamii


    Women wearing contact lenses because they think they can give them good looks. Traditionally, eyeglasses are considered as stupid and nerd items for people. So, some people try to get rid of wearing glasses.And they think wearing contact lenses can keep their original looks. But right now, it changes. Eyeglasses become diverse and popular. Wearing glasses become a new trend of fashion.
  • Marissa george


    I think contacts are more convenient than glasses because we needn't push them from time to time when they drop from our nose. And we can play without afraid of broken the glasses especially when we take part in intense activities such as football or basketball.
  • Maye


    If you are a current glasses user, you will find that your eyes will deform after wearing glasses for several years (usually it will take tens of years to see this effect), while contacts won't lead to prominent eyeballs. Girls always want to be beautiful which might be the reason why they often choose a pair of contacts other than a pair of glasses.
  • abbyabbie


    I know many girls like colored contacts because this kind of contacts can make their eyes look more beautiful. Many people think that black eyes are beautiful. But the color of our eyes will change slowly as we age so we can't keep the eye color as a baby has. But a pair of contacts at this time can make our eyes look as beautiful as baby's eyes. That's why so many people wear contacts.
  • csky4


    Yes, they wear them because of fashion. But I also think they wear contacts for good looking. Some people don't want to wear glasses anymore because sometimes a pair of glasses can make people look nerdy. While a pair of contacts will make their eyes look more beautiful. People will be more confident if they look better.
  • eddy


    I am a girl. I won't wear contacts for fashion. But I often wear glasses frames for fashion. Glasses frames can be decorations nowadays. And they are also very popular. Some girls use colored contacts to make their eyes look more beautiful as well as help correct vision problems. But I don't have any vision problems and I also don't want to wear contacts because it is easy to get an eye infection. Plus I have long nails and I don't want to cut them for contacts using.

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