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Is eye rubbing a sign of teething?

I just wonder if eye rubbing a sign of teething. Or why my little child often rub her eyes in recent days?
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  • Elvis Presley


    As a little child, they are tired if they rub their eyes. Secondly, the fascinating visual stimulation is one reason for the child rub their eyes. Last one point to pay attention, the child's eyes are fatigued due to a vision problem. In this condition, you'd better take a functional vision test and then consult your doctor. Take a good care of your child. You could download free functional vision test at
  • cabanaboy01


    Yes. Especially for babies, when they are teething, they may excessive crying, whining and ear tugging and eye rubbing. Besides, some babies may even suffer fever, teething rash, excessive drooling, runny nose and increased reflux episodes etc. But not all child rubbing eyes a sign of teething. It may also caused by dry eyes, itchy eyes or eye infection etc. So, you'd better have a check what's causes the rubbing eyes of your child.
  • Joseph


    No, little child's rubbing eyes is not the sign of teething. Your little child may have some eyes problems that make him feel not comfortable. I suggest you to observe the eyes of your child to see whether the eyes are dry. You'd better let him eat some food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes which could let him feel comfortable.