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Does breastfeeding improve infants vision?

I heard that breastfeeding can improve the vision of infants. Is this true? Why?
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  • David


    Yes, breastfeeding could definitely help infants with vision. Breastmilk is rich in various nutritions vital for the growth of infants, like taurine, lactoferrin, neuzyme, ribotide and DHA. Each nutrition is important for infants health and growth. Taurine is important for the brain development of infants, while DHA is the vital for the vision. On the other hand, these precious nutritions can't be imitated by any milk powder. Meanwhile breastmilk is more easy to be absorbed by infants. Many mothers are encouraged to breast feed their babies. There are times of fatty, protein, salt and minerals in milk powder which might cause hypertension, diabetes and obesity in the future. Anyway, we could tell that breast milk is the most integrated, natural and safest food for infants.
  • Cassy


    Actually, breastfeeding cannot improve infants vision. But it’s the most important foods for babies who are under one year. Breastfeeding is the feeding of an infant or young child with breast milk directly from female human breasts rather than from a baby bottle or other container. Infants who get breast milk can grow much health and stronger than other babies who do not drink it. Also, infants can benefit from breast milk, such as greater immune health, fewer infections, reduce sudden infant death syndrome, less childhood obesity. But breastfeeding cannot improve infants vision absolutely. Here a great way to help with infants vision-cassia seed. Cassia seed is the seed of leguminous plant thereof, and can be used to relieve hypertension, liver heat and apoplexy, and improve vision etc. You can put them into hot water and drink them five minutes later. You also can use them to wash infants eyes.