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Ana evelyn


Does walking lower eye pressure?

Can i reduce my eye pressure by walking now and then? Any suggestion?
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  • greg t


    Exercise, just like walking, running, jumping rope, playing basketball and some forms of strength, has been proved to lower your eye pressure and can also have a positive impact on the diabetes and high blood pressure. Eye pressure, also called intraocular pressure. When your eye pressure becomes elevated, it will affect your vision. Sometimes, eye pressure is the result of glaucoma, regular exercise may be a useful addition to the prevention of visual loss from glaucoma, but only your eye doctor can assess the effects of exercise on your eye pressure. In addition to the regular exercise, the medicine, health diet or doctor's advice are necessary.
  • Allison


    Yes, a new professional research shows that walking can lower eye pressure obviously as a matter of fact. Walking belongs to aerobic exercise, which is easy and can effectively improve blood flow to the retina and optic nerve, thus reduce the eye pressure naturally. In addition, besides walking, other aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, jumping rope, playing basketball as well as soccer can also be helped. Just keep doing and you will see the changes.