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How to know if i have optic neuritis?

What are the sighs of optic neuritis ? How can i tell if i suffer optic neuritis ?
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  • Erin jackson


    When the optic nerve gets inflammation, that means you get optic neuritis. The most obvious characters of optic neuritis including: 1. The disturbance in the pupil's function; 2. The change in color vision; 3. Reduced visual accuracy. And there are many other sighs of optic neuritis, such as get swollen eyes, and some of the patients do not get vision change when they get optic neuritis.
  • misty C.


    Recently, with the ignore of our eyes for most people, optic neuritis is not an infrequent desease. People with optic neuritis may have symptoms such as blurry vision, distorted vision, decreased color vision, blind spots and will potentially suffer vision loss. In addition, it is estimated that the great majority of optic neuritis patients feel pain in the eye, which sometimes precedes the appearance of vision loss. Underlying changes caused by optic neuritis can be abnormal pupil appearance. The pupil performs abnormally that it will dilate instead of constricting in the presence of bright light. And the optic nerve may appear normal or swollen. Thus if you have these symptoms above, you'd better see a doctor to have a health check for the sake of your eyes as far as possible.
  • Isabelle duncan


    There are three main signs of the optic neuritis which one could feel clearly. The first one is the decreased visual acuity. The second one is the change of field of view. The third one is the pupil change. If you have any one of the above ones, you may check out whether you suffer from optic neuritis by going to the hospital to have a full check on the eyes. Optic neuritis means the optic nerve inflammatory demyelinating infection nonspecific inflammation disease. It is caused by the pathological changes of different parts of the damage which can be divided into the ball inside. The optic neuritis is mostly for the unilateral which depends on the nipple inflammation in children. It depends on the nipple inflammation and the ball in the back of the plane after the ball optic neuritis. Drinking too much alcohol will cause the optic nerve inflammation or optic disk inflammation. Thus you'd better keep the good diet and rest.