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Can diabetes cause high eye pressure?

Is it possible to get high eye pressure from diabetes? How can diabetes work on eyes?
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  • Dixie Mentry


    Yes, diabetes can possibly cause high eye pressure. Diabetes is the systemic disease that too much glucose built up in patients' bodies or deficient insuline produced. It is endocrine and metabolic disease, resulted in metabolic disturbance of fatty and protein, leading to possible serious problems of heart, brain, kidney, nerves, skin and eyes. As to its impact on eyes, it can cause diabetes retinopathy and high pressure in eyes which will lead to glaucoma, the leading cause to blindness with no cure. It is a severe disease which can be lethal, so that you should take it seriously. Go to hospital as early as possible. The long term of high blood sugar level would stiffen and narrow down the blood vessels. Patients with high blood sugar should have a light diet with less sugar. Have moderate exercises to enhance glucose consumption.
  • Joseph campbell


    Diabetes means there are too much sugar in your blood which makes you feel horrible. Commonly, diabetes does not allow people eat too much watermelons, apples which contain high sugar. Diabetes has a deep effect on heart and blood. Here we can talk about blood. Diabetes can cause high pressure in blood vessel because of poor metabolism. People who suffer diabetes may always feel blurry vision, eye pain and sore eyes. You feel eye pressure may be possible for high pressure in eyes. Pressure in eye is the prominent symptom for blurry vision. The pressure will give too much burden to blood vessels and nerves in eyes. Warm tips: diabetes is so dangerous that will easily cause blurry vision. So the best thing to do is talk with your doctor and determine the proper treatment options to prevent blurry vision.