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Are blue eyes hereditary?

Are blue eyes hereditary?. Will my baby be born with blue eyes since i have blue eyes?
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  • green


    Yeah, the color of the eyes is usually the genetic endowment which is fixed in the young childhood. With the genetic reason of your blue eyes, your baby may get that color too. And I think the blue eyes are so attractive and charming. Many people even buy the blue colored contact lenses to make their eyes look blue and beautiful.
  • Melissa duncan


    The color of eyes is hereditary. So, in most of cases, the eye color of a baby can be predicted according to the eye color of their parents. Since you have blue eyes, so, your baby mostly like to get blue eyes, but not exactly. As it mentioned above, the eye color of children is heredity from their parents. So, if your baby have blue eyes shall also consider your spouse's eye color.
  • Austin


    To some extent, of course, it will be genetic. However, it is not absolute. Maybe there are some certain conditions that hereditary happens, that is to say, parents, provide DNA and chromosome. Then, they combine and pass on to the next generation. Generally speaking, the possibility which father inherits the characteristics to children are larger. Wish you good luck!

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