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Is coffee grounds good for dark circles under eyes?

Can coffee grounds help me reduce dark circles under eyes? Have you tried coffee grounds?
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  • Marc


    Yes, they can do a good job to your dark circles. As we know that according to some experts, coffee ground is helpful in reducing dark circles under the eyes. so you can just have a try. Besides, to reduce the dark circles under your eyes, there are also some other ways you can do. For example, you should stay away from the stress and Caffeine. As we know that Stress is also contributory to having these dark circles under eyes as well as to other health issues. And you also should know that dark circles can be due to lack of sleepless and the bad diet habit. So just drink enough water and have good rest. I think they relieve your symptoms.


    Yes, the coffee grounds can help you reduce the dark circles under the eyes. As we know, the dark circles under the eyes may be caused by the stay up late, not good sleep or the bad blood circulation. While the coffee grounds have the role of resistance to oxidation, increase the intestinal and stomach digestion and so on. Thus, once you get the well digestion which may directly cause your blood move in a fluent way. Then your vital energy and blood will work well. To some degree, the black sediment under the eye skin will be removed. The dark circles under the eyes will be reduced. However, there is another role of the coffee grounds. You could put them in the refrigerator which will help you remove the peculiar smell which you could have a try.

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