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What are the best glasses for uneven ears?

What are the best glasses for uneven ears? Any recommendation?
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  • Marissa george


    If you want to use the eyeglasses to let the uneven ears not look that obvious, you could try to use a type of special and attractive pair of eyeglasses which will make other people's focus put on your eyeglasses. The big frame black eyeglasses which are very popular this year should be suitable. At the same time, its big frame will cover the fact of uneven ears, making the ears look so small.
  • luis


    It seems that the shapes of both your ears are not identical to each other. So, you gotta find some ways to fix this problem and make you look better. My advice here for you is to find some big framed glasses, such as black round glasses. In the mean time, you should do something about your hair style, which could have a significant stake in your looks. Maybe straight bond could cover your ears. Hope you get rid of your trouble.

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