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Where to buy black glasses like andrew garfield?

I look for black glasses that like andrew garfield wear. Where can i find it? Any recommendation ?
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  • Ghassan S.


    The pair of black eyeglasses that andrew garfield wears is really cool at the design. It must be the designer eyeglasses which own the high price. You could go to the online stores to have a search on the similar type. You could go to the ebay or the amazon or the visionwork to have a look. The price there is relatively suitable.
  • walki


    As a matter of fact, according to some of his pictures, I can learn that the type of glasses he used to wear is called nerd eyeglasses. Personally speaking, I like it very much and they look perfect on Andrew. So, there are an awful lot of stores selling such kind of glasses frames. On general, their prices could be not that expensive. Maybe you can have a look at Ebay and Walmart vision center, where nerd glasses can be found with ease.