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Richard Schneider


What is the best way to treat puffy eyes in the morning?

I have been getting really puffy eyes in the morning and I do not wanna wake up with puffy eyes in the morning, so what can i do to cure puffy eyes in the morning?
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  • walki


    There are many reasons which can cause puffy eyes, but the main reasons are subcutaneous fat, poor eating habits and nephropathy. Some beauticians suggest that use the cotton with frozen milk and astringent to cover your eyes, after five to ten minutes, your puffy eye can be relieved. If your puffy eyes are very serious, you can take half of a diuretic pill to help drain excess water in the body, but you should consult a doctor to avoid danger. The ultimate solution is not to drain too much water before you go to bed, or you can sleep in a higher pillow to reduce the chance of having puffy eyes. If you want to eliminate the puffy eyelids in the morning, you can put sterile gauze moistened with cold milk in the two orbital parts, the puffy situation can be disappeared after several minutes.
  • Cameron giles


    The puffy eyes always appear in the morning with too little sleep or too much computer enjoyment. Though it's harmless and goes away naturally, it's better for people to treat it to keep a genetic and perfect image. As we all known, the morning time is too short for people who need to go to work or school, thus you can place something cold around the puffy area, for instance, you can wet your towel and freeze it in the ice box for a quarter. And you can put it on the puffy eyes to decrease eye pressure. Or you can select cucumber to remove the puffy eyes because of it consists of water and natural acids to reduce water retention.
  • Makayla raphael


    The puffy eyes are related to the habit of sleep, the quantity of drinking water and the pose of sleeping, etc. We suggest that not drink too much water before going to bed for those people with puffy eyes in the morning. Generally speaking, the puffy eyes are caused by many reasons. For example, you may misuse the cosmetics. You have the skin diseases yourself. You have both cardiac and renal dysfunction. You suffer from the angioneurotic edema and so on. In fact, massage can promote the blood circulation of skins around your eyes. Therefore, this action also helps decline the pains of your puffy eyes. After getting up, you do never rub the eyes at once and had better stretch yourself and relax your body. Keep exercises every day can do contribution to decrease the symptoms of puffy eyes. Besides, you can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables with rich vitamins. Of course, the ice compress on your eye is a good way to relieve the tiredness of your eyes and even treat the puffy eye. Last, the doctor's eye cream to puffy eye is another best choice. All in all, relax and keep enough sleep, all the problem of puffy eyes will disappear slowly.

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