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Melanie gerard


Will jaundice eyes go away?

I suffered from jaundice. What should i do now? Will jaundice eyes go away itself with the time? Or how can i treat it?
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  • walerie


    Ok, from what you said, I know you are fed up with the problem. So, since your problem is quite complicated and it could be resulted from some causes, you must find out what led to your problem in the hospital. Try to pay attention to your diet and keep in good mood.Also, try to disinfect your dining instruments and your body discharge with sanitizer because they could be transmissible. The process of curing your problem might be long, so be patient and careful.
  • Dazza


    Well, generally speaking, sometimes jaundice can go away by itself. But on the other hand, in most cases, when you have jaundice, it can be a sign that you may get yellow eyes, so just be careful about it. There is a substance called bilirubin, and when too much bilirubin accumulates in the eyes, jaundice can result. When jaundice occurs in your eyes, it will just make your eyes look yellow. And according to some experts, jaundice can affect your eyes in some degree. And that also can be a sign of serious eye problems. So just pay more attention to it. And in my opinion, you should go and see the eye doctor as soon as possible.
  • Fat


    It will not go away easily if you do not treat it and let it go away itself since you have the jaundice. Jaundice can cause yellow eyes which will be so bad for the whole health and eyes. As yellow disease which is a kind of skin mucous membrane because of elevated serum bilirubin and sclera, jaundice has the yellowing signs and symptoms of some liver disease often caused jaundice symptoms of gallbladder disease and diseases of the blood normally. Usually the blood bilirubin concentration is higher than 2 to 3 mg/dL. These parts will appear to the naked eye discernible color. Since you have the jaundice, your skin organizations may easily become yellow. In addition, the gastrointestinal symptoms are often the nausea and vomiting diarrhea or constipation, abdominal distension, abdominal pain loss of appetite and other symptoms. It may also cause your fatigue. You should have the good rest for the eyes. In addition, you should also have the healthy diet every day. You could use the eyes drops to release the symptom. If it is serious, you'd better go to the hospital to see the doctor and accept the treatment.

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