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What are home remedies for scratched eyes?

I got scratched eyes. What can i do now? Is there any good home remedies that can help me?
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  • eduardoroxmisox


    I am sorry to hear that. The scratched eyes can be very dangerous. So just take some measures as soon as possible. First of all, you had better cover your scratched eye by wearing an eye patch for a day. It is a good way for preventing any other object could touch your scratched eye to make any more injury, and your eye would feel better. Meanwhile, you can drop some anesthetic eye drops, which could relieve the pain of your scratched eye, and accelerate the healing process. Besides, there is one point you have to pay attention, when you have scratched eyes, it is easy for your eyes to be infected by some irritants, or pollution. So just be careful about it. If your symptom is worse, you are supposed to see a doctor to receive a professional examination as soon as possible.
  • handril


    I do not know your detailed situation of scratch. But some people will get subconjunctival haemorrhage after the trauma of eyes. There is no need to apply medicine of it, and it will heal by itself for two to four weeks. If you got cornea bruise, you will feel stimulation of photophoby and tears. For this symptom you must use some eye drops or oculentum used as the anti-inflammatory. The bruise of eyelids would be cold compressed to prevent errhysis. Then you would better go to hospital for the check of fracture if have. To check the vision impact or concussion injury or atria bleed, then to take the next step's medical care. Hope you get better soon!