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Can eye bags be reversed?

I have eye bags under eyes. But the eye bags really ruin my image. How can i reverse the eye bags? Any suggestion?
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  • casebell


    It seems that your problem is quite serious because eye bags could be really annoying, which could greatly damage your looking. Anyway, it is a sign of aging. However, other reasons could also lead to that problem, such as health disorders, bad habits, or some diseases,even traumas. And currently, the useful way to reverse it is taking plastic surgeries, though there will be risks. So, you must consult an eye doctor before making any further decisions. Also, try to eat and sleep well, good mood is also necessary.
  • Melissa duncan


    Yes, it is really bad for you to get the eye bags which will ruin your image. In order to reverse the eye bags, you should better have the good rest for the eyes, not sitting in front of the computers for a long time with little rest. You should also use the oil essentials to adopt on the surrounding parts of the eyes to release the symptom. There is also another way for you to release the symptom. That is using the tea bag to cover on the eyes which will reverse the eye bags. The tea bag contains the material which will make the eye bag become small. At the same time, it could moisture the skin around your eyes.

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