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Can stress cause itchy eyes?

In recent day, i work with big stress. And my eyes also itches now and then. Why? Can stress lead to itchy eyes?
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  • Michael anderson


    I can see that you are very unhappy with your situation, and you think it is work stress that led to your itchy eyes. In fact, itchy eyes is a sign of health hazard, rather than a disease. It signals that your eyes have got some problems, such as allergic reactions, or red eyes, other infections, etc. So, you cannot attribute the problem to work stress. Anyway, I suggest that you go directly to the clinic and have some treatment or exam.
  • Robert murphy


    Yes, stress will lead to your itchy eyes because of the weak immune system. When you are under the big stress, your mood will not be good which will affect your eyes pressure. You should have the good rest for the eyes. You could use the eyes drops with anti-inflammation to cure the itchy eyes. You could also drink tea water which may moisture your eyes. You could have a try.

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