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Why do my eyes keep twitching sometimes?

Sometimes, my eyes begin twitching. It’s not noticeable to other people but I feel it, and it feels weird. What would be a reason for it?
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  • Christian george


    The eye twitching is known as myokymia, which is the muscle spasm of eyelid. It forecasts people's health problem in time thus they can adjust and prevent some serious diseases. One most important reason to cause the eye twitching is eye allergy. Or if you're working within overload tasks, anxiety and pressure would lead to the eye twitching. Or your eye would get fatigue and dry when you’re only focus on one thing for an over long period, this can cause the eye twitching as well. Even some drinks, like caffeine, alcohol, can lead to eye twitching. However, it's harmless and goes away naturally; you find out the reason why your eye keep twitching based on above causes to avoid it.
  • Alexander david


    Everyone may have had eye twitching, it is not really a disease, but it does make people uncomfortable. As the saying goes "eye twitching can predict the luck", "left eye twitches luck, right eye twitches disaster". However, they are not scientific. Well, why the eyelids twitch? What methods can be used to prevent? The most common reason is overuse of the eyes, cause eyestrain, causing eyestrain, or fatigue, psychological stress, and so on. Such as, playing the computer a long time, reading under bright light or low light for too long. At this point, a brief rest or eyes closed can make the symptoms disappear naturally, and you do not need to be tense or upset. However, if the patients' eyes refractive errors, nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism and without wearing the right glasses, eye twitching is just to remind that you should wear the right glasses. If it is excluded by a variety of factors above, you should ask the ophthalmologist carefully for you to find the cause and for the symptomatic treatment.