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How much does novelty contact lenses cost?

I want to get some novelty contact lenses just for fun. Do you know how much they usually cost? I just want some cheap ones.
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  • Caroline


    Novelty contact lenses are contact lenses with different colors, patterns and designs. They are often non-prescription, which make them cheaper than regular contact lenses. But you may still pay forty or fifty dollars for a pair of novelty contact lenses which may last three months. However, the cost may varies depending on how many novelty contact lenses are in each box and how long those contacts will last. There are many websites that offer novelty contact lenses, o you can just search them online and then compare them with the price.
  • cmg6891


    It is really hard to give you accurate answer how much does novelty contact lenses cost. It depends on which types of novelty contact lenses you buy and where you buy them from. I search it online and find that most of the contact lenses online priced about 40 dollars. Maybe you can found more cheap contact lenses from some online sites. Good luck.

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