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How to protect your eyes from computer radiation?

I have read that computer radiation are quite harmful for eyes. How to protect your eyes from computer radiation?
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  • Aaron may


    People who often sit in front of the computer screen for a long time every day may suffer some symptoms of CVS. They often get eye strain, eye fatigue and headaches and blurry vision after a long-time use of computer screen. Besides, the radiation from the computer screen can do harm to the eyes. However, there is a pair of glasses that are specially designed for computer use. This kind of glasses are called computer glasses. You can ask the optician to add a anti radiation to the lenses, which can help protect your eyes from radiation.
  • Jean


    The computer is a necessary tool in modern society; however, the computer radiation is harmful human beings' health, especially the eyes. For protecting the eyes from computer radiation, food is a good choice. Firstly, it's better to eat more food within collagen elastic matter such as seaweed, sea cucumber. Because it has the function of adhesion that can export the radioactive matter from people's body, even the elasticize matter can recover the damaged skin. Secondly, it's useful to eat the food within antioxidant activity, such as carrot, Cole, which is alkaline food. It can turn the blood to alkalinity so that the poison can be exported by urine. On the other hand, decreasing the usage of computer is a way to protect eyes as well as doing some good eyes excises. There is a good item can protect computer radiation effectively---computer eyeglasses. there are non prescription computer glasses and prescription ones. If you have good eyesight, you can wear non prescription computer glasses for fighting against computer radiation.
  • Edward White


    I can recommend three ways for you, they are very convenient and practical. First, you can put a pot of cactus next to your computer. Second, you should eat more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meant, animal liver and other food rich in vitamins A, C and protein, you also should drink green tea frequently. Additionally, you can wear computer glasses that are specially designed for computer users. Is it really simple? Start now!


    It is very important to protect people's eyes especially after one day long working in front of a computer or laptop, playing games and so on. You will feel eyes tired and dry. First you can sometimes stop and look at things far away to have a break. Second, use screen protection to reduce the radiation in eyes. Third, do not set up your screen colour too bright and too colourful, that will also become harmful and irritating to the eyes. For example, green is always good for eyes, and do not set up the font colour in white. Hope above suggestions helps