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Do 20/50 vision in children need glasses?

My daughter came home with a vision report of 20/50 vision. What does it mean? Does he need glasses?
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  • Nicholas campbell


    Children with 20/50 vision means that they need to stand 20 feet away from the objects to see them clearly while a person with perfect vision can see the same object clearly from 50 feet away. Children who have 20/50 vision may have trouble seeing distant things clearly like reading the content on a chalkboard from across the classroom. In this case, they need to wear corrective lenses, glasses or contact lenses, to help them see distant things clearly. However, the vision is not so serious, so don't worry about it.
  • Vivid


    Yes. she have poor vision and need prescription glasses to help her see better. Usually, 20/20 vision means perfect vision while 20/30 or 20/40 are mild myopia maybe. And 20/50 means that she can see at 20 feet what corrected vision can see at 50 feet. To be sure, you shall take her to eye doctor and get eye checked for eye prescription in details that use for buying prescription glasses.
  • James Cornett


    We must be seeing way different eye doctors, because my son's optometrist told his mom that unless he was to have glasses, he wouldn't even be able to get his driver's license when he gets older, and he's 11. And he himself has 20/50 vision.
  • Melanie


    Actually, your daughter with 20/50 vision is considered to have visual impairment because she can see an object clearly at 20 feet away that a person with normal vision can see clearly at 50 feet away. So she need to wear eyeglasses. However, with the type of your daughter's vision and no symptoms, you will not harm your eyes by not wearing glasses. But, your daughter are missing out on a lot by being blurry! It is a common misconception that wearing eyeglasses makes eyes worse. There is no permanent vision change caused by wearing glasses. Your brain does lose its "blur adaptation" temporarily, which is how you compensate for seeing badly, but it comes back if you go without glasses for a while. So you can decide whether to wear eyeglasses or to be blurry. Hope this helpful.
  • Jessica


    I have 20/50 vision in my better-seeing eye, and I recently got eyeglasses. I can see stuff pretty well, just no perfectly. Your daughter's eyes wouldn't be harmed if she didn't wear glasses but I think it is a good idea though.