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CeCe Bazel


What are some ways keep good eyesight for old people?

My father is 50 now and he always has good vision. What are some ways keep good eyesight for old people?
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  • Kelly gary


    Old people who want to keep good eyesight should take fish oil regularly. Fish oil contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which can help keep retina healthy so as to prevent macular degeneration. Plenty of Lutein is necessary for old people because it acts as an antioxidant to protect cells from free radical damage. Lutein is rich in green, leafy vegetables, so old people can eat green, leafy vegetables to keep their good eyesight.


    In order to keep eyesight, you shall take fish oil regularly. There is a fat found in dish called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) may help protect and promote healthy retinal function. DHA is concentrated in the eye's retina. They can used to prevent macular degeneration, which the leading causes of blindness. Besides, lutein is the other elements that are very important to eyesight. And it can be found in vegetables and fruits. At last, eating more Dark Colored Berries and avoid trans fat also play a important role to your eye heath.
  • Beth


    Old people's eyesight is aging due to the oldness and nutrition loss, be happy and eat something good for eyes is essential, do some eye exercises, for example to blink and see things far away, or turn around your eyes to keep it moving. Pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the eyes clean and not to use hands to wipe one's eyes. Wear suitable glasses for keeping the eyesight and not to put it off often.