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Costco or walmart contact lenses,which one is better?

Do you have experiences to buy contact lenses at Costco and walmart. What's your opinion? Which one is better to buy contact lenses?
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Answers (2)

  • entaliden


    I have bought the contact lenses from walmart. The price there is lower than other eyeglasses stores. In addition, the after sale service of walmart is good. My friend has sent her old eyeglasses to walmart to have a repair. Because it is within the warranty period, my friend gets her repaired eyeglasses after a week for free. I think walmart is really a good place to buy both the contact lenses and the eyeglasses.
  • Jacob adams


    Personally, I prefer to buy contact lenses at Costco. I think Costco is more specialty in contact lenses and eyeglasses compared with Walmart. And i have bought s box of contact lenses there. They are affordable. But if i seldom wear contact lenses. I prefer to wear eyeglasses. And i bought my prescription eyeglasses online at with less amount of money. I think wearing eyeglasses more convenient than wearing contact lenses.

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